This blog is intended to serve as a simple, straight-forward guide for building and using your own 3D printer. I created and continually update this blog for a simple reason: the current state of 3D printing is confusing and I feel that this discourages new enthusiasts. Hopefully the simplicity of this blog will encourage more people to take the plunge into the world of reprap and 3D printing.


The blog has been broken down into the following sections:

  • Home
    • This is the "blog post" portion of this blog. All new content will appear here. The remaining pages will link to posts in this section.
  • About
    • This is the page that you are currently viewing, enough said.
  • BOM
    • This is the "Bill of Materials". The list contained on this page is everything that you need to make your printer functional.
  • Tools
    • This is the list of tools required to assemble and maintain your 3D printer. The list is broken down into "required" and "recommended" tools.
  • Build Guide
    • This is a step by step guide to assembling your 3D printer.
  • Software
    • This is a repository of software needed to operate your 3D printer. All efforts are made to recommend open source software on this page.
  • Consumables
    • This includes ABS and PLA filament, along with other items that are "used" by the printer
  • IFUs
    • These are the "Instructions for Use". This is a guide to actually printing things on your 3D printer
  • Other Links
    • These are additional links and resources that may be helpful