Note: All software shown below is intended for use with Windows 7. Software for alternative operating systems is not listed on this page.

First you will need software for designing parts and files in 3D. There is a large compendium of software packages available. Some are open source and others are prohibitively expensive. I will endeavor to break down the software available in the near future. Until I am able to complete this task, please refer to the following wikipedia page: List_of_computer-aided_design_editors

Second, I recommend utilizing netfabb to "clean up" your .stl files prior to printing. The software is free to use and goes a long way to prevent error codes when slicing your .stls.

Third you will need the appropriate "slicing" and printer interface software. Follow the instructions below to get yourself up and running. There are further instructions on the IFU page regaring how this software is utilized.

Fourth, you should be ready to start printing.