• Design or download a 3D file for printing
    • There are links in the "Useful Links" section of this guide for 3D file repositories
  • Save the file as an .stl with the appropriate reference geometry
    • When you save an .stl, the postive z-axis will be the top of the part as printed
    • You will most likely want to specify an artificial z-axis to ensure proper print orientation
    • Remember that you typically want your print to be oriented such that the largest flat surface contact the bed (unless your printer has support structure capability)
  • Load the file into netfabb and repair the .stl
    • This is not required for all .stls but as good practice I always repair my files
  • Fire up slic3r and load the appropriate slicing configuration file
  • Load the repaired file into slic3r (or your preferred slicing software)
  • Export your G-code (save the sliced filed)
  • Load your G-code file into Pronterface (or your preferred printer interface software)
  • Turn on your printer and let it warm up
  • Click "print" in Pronterface
Note: You will need certain consumables to operate your printer.

In addition to the basic IFUs above, I am compiling a list of helpful tips for keep your printer running smoothly. Please take a look at them HERE.