Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Attach Z-motors

  1. Cut the clear piece of tubing in half

  2. Affix each piece to one of the stepper motors

  3. Attach one motor to each Z-motor mount using four M3 washers and four M3x10 mm bolts per motor

  4. Adjust both threaded rods so that they lightly touch the Z-motor shafts

  5. Insert four M3 nuts into the two motor coupler halves with hex recesses

  6. Pair each recessed coupler with a non-recessed coupler

  7. Affix the threaded rods to the Z-motor shafts using one motor coupler pair, four M3 washers, and four M3x22 mm bolts per shaft
    1. Note: The inner groove of each coupler pair has a large diameter and a small diameter. The smaller diameter end is intended to couple with the motor shaft, whereas the larger diameter end is intended to couple with the threaded rod

  8. Lift the X-axis and tighten the top nuts until they engage the the bottoms of the X-idler and X-carriage housings
  9. With the X-axis still raised, lower the bottom two nuts until they reach the 608ZZ bearings and tighten the nuts onto each other
  10. Tighten the belt on the X-axis