Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Greg's Extruder

  1. Remove all support material from the printed parts
  2. Insert a 608ZZ bearing and the M8x20 mm rod into the Extruder idler block
  3. Insert two 608ZZ bearings into the Extruder block

  4. Affix the Extruder idler block to the Extruder block using the M3x35 bolt and an M3 nut

  5. Install the hobbed bolt into the assembly placing one M8 washer by the head of the bolt and three on the opposite side of the Extruder block

  6. Install the large gear onto the hobbed bolt using an M8 nut

  7. Secure the gear using an additional M8 nut

  8. Install two springs, M3 nuts, and M3x50 mm bolts onto the Extruder idler block

  9. Place two M3 nuts into the top of the extruder block and tighten the M3x50 mm bolts

  10. Press an M3 nut into the small gear and secure with an M3 set screw

  11. Affix the gear assembly to the stepper motor ans tighten the set screw

  12. Install the motor onto the Extruder assembly using three M3x10 mm bolts. Ensure that there is no play between the two gears