Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mount Heated bed

  1. Affix four M8x35 mm bolts to the four center holes of the large acrylic plate using the following configuration
    1. M8x35 mm Bolt
    2. Acrylic Plate
    3. M8 washer
    4. Spring
    5. M8 washer
    6. M8 nut

  2. Affix the large acrylic plate to the frame (via the previously installed acrylic plate) using four M3 nuts

  3. Solder wiring to the two large pads on the back of the heated bed. Ensure the the wire is oriented such that it runs parallel to the edge of the bed towards the corner mounting hole

    Affix the heated bed to the large acrylic plate using the following assembly order
    1. Four M3x22 mm bolts
    2. Heated bed
    3. Four spacers
    4. Acrylic plate
    5. Four M3 nuts

  4. Secure the wiring to the nearest spacer with a zip tie

  5. Affix the glass plate to the heated bed with binder clips