Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tools - Shaft Cutter

There are two options for cutting shafts:

Basically you can spend a bit more money to buy a powered shaft cutter (highly recommended) or you can save a few bits and buy a handsaw.

The reason that I highly recommend purchasing a powered shaft cutter is because I initially decided to be thrifty and purchase a handsaw. I put some elbow grease into the task at hand and cut a few shafts. I quickly found several issues with this method though. The first and most important to me was that the hand cut shafts had poor cut quality. The ends were skewed and possessed large burrs. The second was that the amount of effort and time required to cut the shafts. Though I have cut many shafts screws, etc with a metal hacksaw in the past, they had always been low in quantity. The prospect of cutting 22 eight mm diameter shafts quickly became daunting (especially the hardened tool steel shafts).

In the end I purchased a powered shaft cutter after flailing about with a hacksaw, thus spending more money than I would have had I simply purchased the shaft cutter initially.

In the end, the choice is yours but spending an extra $20 on a powered cutter is well worth the expense in my opinion.