Friday, September 7, 2012

Y-axis motor assembly

  1. Drill out both motor gears to a diameter slightly under than of your motor shaft
  2. Install an M3 nut into the bottom of each of the motor gears
  3. Insert an M3 set screw into each nut/gear sub-assembly
  4. Install one of the gear sub-assemblies onto a motor and tighten the set screw

  5. Affix the motor sub-assembly to the Y-motor mount using three M3x10 bolts

  6. Affix the two belt clamps to the acrylic platform using the following assembly order
    1. M3x22 bolt
    2. M3 washer
    3. Belt clamp
    4. Acrylic platform
    5. M3 washer
    6. M3 bolt

  7. Install the belt and tight the belt clamps