Friday, September 7, 2012

Set frame width

  1. Set the distance between the inside edges of the footed vertices along the Y- motor mount and Bar clamp sub-assemblies to 234 mm. Tighten M8 nuts with a wrench

  2. Orient the frame such that the Y-Motor mount is on the far side of the unit
  3. Slide a 440 mm threaded rod (3 dots) through one of the holes on one of the non-footed vertices
  4. When the thread rod is halfway through the frame, affix the following to the rod from inside the frame
    1. M8 washer
    2. M8 nut
    3. M8 nut
    4. M8 washer
  5. Finish sliding the threaded rod assembly through the appropriate hole on the other non-footed vertex
  6. Ensuring that the inside walls of the vertices are 234 mm apart and that there is 90 mm of threaded rod protruding through the right side of  the assembly

  7. Secure the threaded rod 
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the remaining threaded rod